DotA Theme Manager V4….. ^_^

Hey guys,

Did you ever think that playing DotA on the very same terrain all the time is boring?
Is -terrain snow just not good enough? Are you looking for change?

Well, that’s absolutely no problem!

I proudly present:

The DotA Theme Manager

The DotA Theme Manager – in short: DTM – allows you to change the look of the terrain while still allowing you to play with people who do not use the DotA Theme Manager – on, garena, hamachi, just everywhere.

Multiple themes are available: Beach, Barrens, Snow, Hell, City and Highlands, all of them having a unique design!

Many of you will wonder how it works…well, it is simple: The DTM exchanges textures of terrain, trees and doodads in the MPQ files – basically the storing files for WC3. The process is easily reversible, not harming WC3 at all, and it causes no problems in the interaction with other players who do not use the DTM. A tiny negative point is that is also changes the textures for other maps which might look a bit bad, but if you restore it to original it works again, so it is never problematic.

If you are interested, I suggest you to take a look at the website:

If you want to support the DotA Theme Manager:
Just spread word of it! Far too few people know about it’s existance – put it into your signature (graphics coming soon ), tell your friends about it, use it in DotA videos you create (I’d be thankful for credits), show off with it in LAN cafés.


DotA 6.72f Already Release!!! :D

Guys Dota 6.72f is already released this is the link for you to Download :


DotA 6.72f

DotA 6.71b Already Released Guys !! ^^

Dota 6.71b Map Download – Dota-Allstars 6.71b Official Map has just released! It seems there’s a really game breaking bug which occur on the DotA 6.71 and force IceFrog to release the map after just around 2 days. Check out the changelogs and download link below!

Dota 6.71b Changelogs:
* Fixed a bug with Zeus’s Aghanim upgrade
* Fixed a bug with Flesh Heap

Dota 6.71b Download Link

Dota 6.71b DownloadGameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.71b Download – GetDota Mirror

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Nice response from IceFrog. You can check the bug here. Hope there won’t be any fatal bug on this version. Enjoy the play guys! 🙂




This is my DotA Blog may be this blog can help you build a hero.

I also hope this blog have many visitors.

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